Community Care Program Helping People To Remain At Home

(L to R) Mrs. Juanita Godley and Carol Clarke, CCSP Care Coordinator

Ask Juanita Godley about the things for which she is thankful and having a place of her own will be at the top of her list.  Several years ago, Mrs. Godley became very ill for an extended period of time and had to enter the nursing home to receive 24 hour care.  During the course of events, she had to give up her residence and most of her furniture and belongings.  Mrs. Godley states she was very well treated at Glenview and she loved the staff and the other residents, but she longed for a home of her own. She talked to the social worker and nursing staff but the concern was that she would need assistance to live alone. Her family was unable to assume the responsibility of her total care. Fortunately, the nursing home social worker was aware that the Community Care Services Program is designed to help the elderly and disabled remain in their homes as independently as possible, for as long as possible. 

The social worker referred Mrs. Godley to the Heart of Georgia’s Area Agency on Aging’s Gateway screening.  She was then assessed by a Concerted Services, Inc.’s Community Care RN and was determined to be eligible to live in her own home with the appropriate level of care and assistance.

Mrs. Godley wanted to stay in Glennville and very much wanted to move to Country Estates.   However, no apartment was available at that time so she was prepared for a long wait.   When an apartment finally became available, Mrs. Godley was reassessed by Community Care staff and was ready to move in when another stumbling block occurred.  She needed deposits for water and utilities.   By this time, it was apparent to all who knew her that Mrs. Godley was determined to live on her own.  Through the combined efforts of the social workers, the CCSP coordinator, the service provider, and family and friends, Mrs. Godley finally got her home in Country Estates.   The staff from Community Home Nursing and her CCSP coordinator even helped her to get furnishings for her new home.  Through Community Care she receives nutritious home delivered meals, a nurse to set up her medications, and an aide from Community Home Nursing, who helps her with personal care, shopping, and housekeeping chores. Mrs. Godley has become very attached to her aide, Denise. They consider each other family.  Mrs. Godley has not forgotten the care and support she received at Glenview Nursing Home and visits often to see old friends, often taking little gifts.  She has also been able to have some of her friends visit her home for a day and occasionally overnight.

 Last year, Mrs. Godley had knee surgery and had to go back to the nursing home for rehab.  She said she was so overwhelmed when they wheeled her in on a gurney because everyone was so happy to see her.  She heard them all saying, “Look, she’s back” to which she smilingly replied, “Just for a little while”.

Determined as ever, her recovery was quick and she is back in her home.   Her apartment is cheery.  There are family pictures everywhere, knick-knacks inside and out, flower arrangements on end tables, a beautiful tablecloth on her table, and a welcome sign on her door.  Mrs. Godley has a place of her own where everyone is welcome and all who visit this sweet, kind lady will find her home as warm and comforting as her twinkling eyes and her beautiful smile.

Community Care staff are so pleased to be a part of enabling Mrs. Godley to remain in her home.  Her story embodies the goal of the Community Care Program to increase CCSP clients’ quality of life and their ability to remain in the community. Concerted Services, Inc.’s Community Care Program is funded through the Heart of Georgia Regional Commission and the Division of Aging, Department of Human Services. Anyone interested in CCSP services my contact the Heart of Georgia Regional Commission at 912-367-3648 or 1-888-367-9913.