On May 18 Bulloch County Concerted Services, Inc. senior center participants took a trip back in time to the psychedelic sixties with a tie-dye T-shirt activity.

Brian Thompson, owner of Statesboro shop Reece’s Pieces, donated the shirts and dye and lent his expertise to the endeavor, patiently guiding the seniors through the process.

“The seniors tied up their T-shirts, put rubberbands around them, dipped them, and dyed them with their favorite colors. They really got into it,” said Bulloch CSI Outreach Coordinator Robbin DeLoach.

DeLoach said the seniors were fully engaged in the hip hands-on activity, “I think they really liked making their own shirts. A lot of them hadn’t done it before, and they were excited to see how their shirts would turn out.”

She noted Thompson seemed to enjoy the activity as much as they did, “I was so impressed with Mr. Thompson’s eagerness to share his craft with the seniors. He was so kind and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. He even encouraged the CSI staff to make shirts,” she said.

Best of all, on May 30 senior participants got to see everyone’s finished product when they wore their groovy garments to the center for a group photograph.

“It was interesting to see how the shirts tended to reflect the personalities of the people who made them. That was really neat,” DeLoach said.