CSI recently had the pleasure of honoring one of our Pierce County seniors with a surprise party for her 100th birthday! Mrs. Mozelle Brown has been an active member of our senior group in Blackshear, GA for a few years. Staff and volunteers arranged quite a treat for the birthday lady, with a presentation of popular trends throughout the decades of her life, a beautiful quilt made by the center sewing group, and a snazzy hat and cane. Joining in the celebration were Blackshear Mayor Dick Larson and Congressman Buddy Carter. Mrs. Mozelle was also presented with a congratulatory letter signed by Governor Nathan Deal. She was thrilled with the celebration – and even took a minute to break in her cane with a birthday dance!

During the celebration, local Family Connections agent Stephanie Bell held a ribbon cutting for the newly installed lending library. This “take-one, leave one” library was erected at the senior center and dedicated to Mrs. Mozelle, who is an avid reader. After the dedication she was given the honor of placing the first book inside.

While it is still not the norm for a person to reach their 100th birthday, the number of centenarians has nearly doubled in the past 20 years. And as examples like Mrs. Mozelle have shown us, reaching that 100th birthday does not have to mean being immobile or in poor health. Remaining active, focusing on nutrition and maintaining a support system play a critical role in health levels as a person ages. We are thankful Mrs. Mozelle chooses to do these things in our senior center, and we wish her many happy, healthy years to come!

Pictured left: Mayor Dick Larson offers birthday wishes to Mrs. Mozelle.
Pictured center: A beautiful quilt made by the center sewing group is presented as a birthday gift.
Pictured right: Congressman Buddy Carter wishes Mrs. Mozelle a happy birthday.

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