Early Head Start

The Early Head Start program serves 208 children, ages 6 weeks to 36 months, through full-day, center-based services for 48 weeks per year (August through July).  The program also provides services to expectant families. There are 9 Early Head Start centers in Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Candler, Charlton, Coffee, Pierce, Toombs and Ware counties.

How to Apply:

If you live in Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Candler, Coffee, Pierce, Toombs or Ware counties and are pregnant or have a child six weeks to 36 months of age, contact the Family Advocate in your county or visit the center. Walk ins are welcome, but a preceding phone call could assist with time management and availability of staff. Priority is given to income eligible families, pregnant teens, and children with special needs.

Income Guidelines:

CSI Head Start utilizes the most current HHS Income Poverty Guidelines to assist in determining income eligibility. CSI Head Start program takes enrollment applications throughout the year. Children are accepted as long as there are vacancies in the program, up until the last sixty (60) days of the program year. A waiting list is maintained to assure that families are served in a timely manner.

Establishing Eligibility:

A family must complete an application to begin the eligibility process. Additionally, the family must have acceptable documented proof of the child’s date of birth and proof of all income for the last 12 months or calendar year.
Priority consideration will be given to current and former enrollees and to low-income families who meet the income guidelines.

Early Head Start Curriculum

CSI Head Start program uses the Creative Curriculum for Infant and Toddlers in the Early Head Start program. The screening tool is Ages and Stages.

Services to Pregnant Women

Early Head Start serves pregnant women and their families in a variety of service delivery models and in diverse settings. A healthy pregnancy has a direct influence on the health and development of a newborn child. Early Head Start strives to have the greatest impact on participating children by offering supportive services as early in life as possible. The prenatal period of growth and development has a lasting impact on the child’s potential for healthy growth and development after birth.

CSI Head Start program partners with the Southeast Health Unit to provide prenatal information through classes, support groups and visits on fetal development, including the risks from smoking and alcohol; labor and deliver; postpartum recovery, including information on maternal depression; and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Services are provided to teen-age mothers to help them continue their education.