Because children must be healthy and well-nourished in order to learn, CSI Head Start program pays particular attention to health. We ensure that all enrolled children have timely immunizations, screenings. and examinations for cognitive development, health, speech and language, hearing, vision, and dental health.

Physical Examinations

In accordance with Head Start Performance Standards, Child Care Licensing and Child Health and Disability Program each child enrolled in CSI is required to receive a physical examination. Family Advocate staff members at each center are available to provide information and resources to assist families and connect them with medical services offered within the community.

Medical & Dental Insurance

CSI Head Start program recognizes the importance of each child having a medical and dental home. We assist families with resource information on affordable health care.

Health Services Advisory Committee

The Health Services Advisory Committee is comprised of CSI Head Sart program parents, health professionals, staff, and other volunteers from the community. HSAC provides a broad range of professional expertise and helps promote linkages to existing community resources. The HSAC meets three times a year to identify issues and concerns that impact health services to our children and families.

First Aid & CPR

Each CSI Head Start program center is equipped with a First Aid kits as well as a Disaster Preparedness kit; both are available to be used in case of an emergency or natural disaster.
To ensure each center is prepared in case of an emergency situation, all centers undergo Fire and Tornado Drills every month. Additionally, center staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.


In accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards, each child enrolled in CSI Head Start program is required to receive a dental examination. Family Advocates at each center are available to provide information and resources to assist services offered within the community.

Mental Health

CSI Head Start program builds collaborative relationships among children, families, staff, mental health professionals, and the community in order to enhance awareness and understanding of mental wellness. Mental health information and services can increase the resilient capacity of all children and families.
Our mental health support staff consists of a Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Consultant, and Family Advocates providing a variety of services that include crisis intervention, counseling, parenting workshops, case management, referrals, and community advocacy.


Each preschool child with a disability receives a comprehensive evaluation and an Individual Education Program (IEP) developed by a team of professional diagnosticians and the child’s parent.
Infants and toddlers with a disability receive a comprehensive evaluation and an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).
Therapy and prescriptive programming are provided with assistance from other agencies, including each Local Education Agency (LEA).
The CSI Head Start program philosophy is that every child learns more readily when involved in a group, so children with disabilities are not separated from other children.
Ten percent (10%) of total enrollment opportunities must be for children who have been professionally diagnosed or suspected as having a disability.


The CSI Head Start program ensures that all enrolled children are age appropriately immunized in accordance with Georgia’s Immunization Guidelines. Information and resources on immunizations are available at each CSI Head Start program centers.