This program provides permanent solutions to reduce the energy burden on low-income families by installing Weatherization measures. As the cold weather approaches many families do not have the option of cranking up the heat. These families pay 14.4% or more of their annual incomes for energy compared with only 3.3% spent on average by non low-income families. Unable to pay big balances or hefty reconnection fees, some families are considering how they will survive this winter without heat. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) can help, by using cost-effective, energy-efficient materials and services.

These families across the country are turning up their thermostats to combat dropping temperatures. For low-income households this will save an average of 30% annually on their energy bills after weatherization work is completed. The dollar savings alone makes a big difference for these families. In addition, weatherization makes homes warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and safer all year round.

Technical Approach Weatherization technicians use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic technologies, such as blower doors, duct blasters and NEAT/MHEA to determine the most cost-effective measures for each home. They also assess related health and safety conditions. Agency’s technicians check furnaces and appliances for carbon monoxide. Last year, Concerted Services Inc. identified 35 homes with toxic levels of carbon monoxide. This measure made a life-or-death difference for the 35 families in these homes. The Agency also installs CFLs, low-flow faucet aerators, insulation and provided air sealing. Funding provided by Department of Energy from October 01, 2016 – October 30, 2017 allowed the agency to weatherize 95 homes.” Concerted Service’s Weatherization program makes a difference every day for low-income families.

Program Success Story The following letter was received from the Morales family after receiving Weatherization services through Concerted Services.
“I want to give thanks to Concerted Services for the work that was done at my house to provide weatherization and providing heat/cooling services. My home did not have a heating and cooling system. You installed a new split efficient unit that is now providing cooling and heating in the entire home. Your staff was courteous, caring and very professional. I just received my new electric bill since the system was installed, and had an amazing reduction in my electric consumption. My bill went from an average of $180/month with not much comfort to $67 with amazing comfort. That is WOW! Not only did you provide much needed heating and cooling system but you also reduced my cost which am very grateful. When you are on fixed income this type of services are much needed help. Thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous services. Thank you for all you do to help!”