Life after high school graduation is what most seniors worry about. They worry about what I am going to do? They worry about should I go to college, if so, where do I get the money from? Should I take out a loan or should I just find a job and go to work? That was not the case for me.

In October of 2009, while in the sixth grade at Metter Middle School in Metter, Georgia, the Educational Talent Search Program was introduced to me by my first ETS Counselor at that time, Mrs. Nita Bell Baker. While listening to the ETS presentation tentatively, I decided to enroll into the program. That was one of the best decisions I could have ever made in mapping out my future. From that moment on I was convinced that I could go to college and not have to worry about all the particulars that surround a post-secondary education. I remember attending all of the ETS Counseling Sessions learning and receiving assistance with the college admissions process, financial aid and scholarships that were available for me. I was told by Mrs. Baker that if I kept my grades up, I could easily apply for any academic scholarship available, and that is exactly what I did.

Also, Educational Talent Search allowed me to experience college life by taking me on trip to different college campuses. I was able to grasp the real feeling of being on a campus, seeing classrooms and dorms. I was able to speak to college professors and ask certain questions. I was also able to speak to the new freshmen about the new life that they were experiencing and if they had any good advice for me.

This program really helped me to stay focused academically and with my career goal through high school. In my senior year at Metter High School I learned that Mrs. Baker had retired and I was introduced to a new ETS Counselor, Mrs. Verdie Williams. Having been in the program since sixth grade, I was pretty much all set with planning and mapping out by career path. I was an honor graduate in 2016 from Metter High School with a GPA 3.94 and 96.59 Cumulative GPA. I received several scholarships to help me financially, one in particular The Gates Millennial.

I feel that the Educational Talent Search Program can really be a blessing for many young students who care about themselves and who want to make a difference in their lives. If a person really wants to be something in life, then they should try and join this great program. It will help a person to bring up their grades and test scores, and it will help a person be the best he or she can be!
I am currently a freshman at Claflin University Alice Carson Tisdale Honor College in Orangeburg, South Carolina and loving every minute of it! Thanks Educational Talent Search for making “My Dream Come True!”

Caleb Green

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