Volunteers are the backbone of non-profit work. The work nonprofits are able to complete and the changes they are able to make in people’s lives would not be possible without the countless hours volunteers unselfishly give each year. These men and women – all ages, races and backgrounds – serve meals, read stories, unload boxes, lead donation drives, chaperone field trips, transport participants, teach classes; the list is endless and amazing. And what is truly amazing is that they do it all for one simple reason: they care.

Concerted Services, Inc. held a 90 day Volunteer Challenge beginning on Georgia Gives Day, November 17, 2016, and ending on Valentine’s Day 2017. During this 90 days, we encouraged people to send us pictures or video of their volunteer efforts. We had two simple goals: to recognize the amazing things current volunteers are doing and to motivate more people to start volunteering. The Volunteer Challenge also coincided with the launch of our agency Facebook page, which we used to post the responses we received.

A few of the responses to our Challenge included a VA chapter building a wheelchair ramp for a disabled senior citizen, a group of families doing a road clean-up, middle schoolers reading to Pre-K children, and a group of Head Start personnel sorting donated goods at a tornado relief center following a natural disaster.

Each group or individual received a certificate recognizing their efforts. One group was randomly selected to receive a catered lunch; the winner of the luncheon was a group of dad’s that regularly volunteer at their children’s Head Start center in Clinch County. It was humbling to see the good deeds that are taking place all round us. Concerted Services, Inc. looks forward to making this an annual event!

Waycross Middle School Student Council students read to Head Start children

Families in Pierce County collect trash on a 1 mile stretch of road

Head Start staff sort donated goods for tornado victims in Cook County

Members of Jeff Davis VA Chapter build a wheelchair for disabled resident

Clinch County Head Start Dad’s group regularly volunteers at the Center

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