Class was in session for Bulloch CSI Seniors, who went to Ogeechee Technical College February 22 to learn computer basics from OTC Counseling and Retention Coordinator Ty Johnson, who provided hands-on training in OTC’s computer lab.

Bulloch CSI Program Assistant and Senior Activity Coordinator Alex Smith said the seniors learned about the different parts of the computer as well as the basics of internet browsing.

“Since so much of their personal information has to be accessed by computer, I thought it would be good for them to learn some computer basics in a lab setting, where each person could have a computer,” Smith said.

The seniors will apply the new knowledge on their two laptops at Bulloch CSI. Smith said the seniors enjoyed the class so much they will return to OTC’s computer lab later this spring to learn how to compose, save, and print documents.


Bulloch CSI Seniors have also received ongoing instruction from GSU Nursing Students on accessing reliable health-related information from the internet.