Natasha Donley was introduced to the ETS program as a freshman in high school. Fast forward a few years and Ms. Donley’s résumé includes completion of a college degree, service in the United States Air Force with continuing Reservist duty, and a successful career as an 8th grade math instructor, basketball coach, and student council advisor. She looks back on her involvement in the ETS program as, “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to improve my future”.

Ms. Donley fondly recalls the support she received from her ETS program counselor, Juan Johnson. She states, “Mrs. Juan Johnson was my counselor extraordinaire. She was a mentor, a Godsend. She helped foster an intrinsic determination to graduate college. The program, coupled with the tutelage of Mrs. Johnson, afforded me to never have paid for SAT prep,
testing or any college application fees. The counseling, waivers, vouchers, and trips were all extremely vital for my college preparedness.”

The Educational Talent Search Program works with students and schools within our service area to improve educational completion rates of low-income students with the potential to become the first in their families to graduate from college. Ms. Donley is one of many success stories of the ETS program. For more information, contact us at 912-285-6083 or 912-557-6687.

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